What is the “Now” page?

This is not an about page although it does tell you a lot about me. The idea of the “Now” page is to tell you what I am doing now. For example, what books I have read lately, what my Job is and the ideas I am currently working on.

My Job:

Job Title: eCommerce Coordinator

What I actually do: I work at a company called Livecopper; that sells Lighting, Plumbing and DIY equipment online. I was drawn to their forward-thinking culture and innovation. I oversee a group of people that are in charge of keeping the website (eCommerce Store) running. Lots of my job entails project management, coordination (as the title implies) and researching new ideas and concepts that could help the company continue to innovate on the online space.

What I’m Studying

I am currently studying a higher certificate of Christian Life through the South African Theological Seminary distance learning program.

Books I Am Currently Reading:

Ross’s bookshelf: currently-reading Ross’s bookshelf: currently-reading

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